Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

tenderget.com is an e-tendering service that simplifies tendering processes by creating, managing, displaying and distributing tender information in different perspectives. It supersedes traditional timeconsuming paper-based tendering information methods

Tenderget.com provides a subscription service that enables the Suppliers, Contractors and the Auctioneers to get information via an electronic information system. They are able to view by Internet browsing the Tender/Auction information in a specified format designed by Advanced Information Systems and also the graphic image of the Tender Notice. Registered Subscribers can also receive personalized and customized email notification of Tender. Also purchasers can advertise their Tenders, Request for Information, Request for Proposal, Request for Quote, and Expression of Interest notices on tenderget.com. These notices can be accompanied by documents, which suppliers/contractor/auctioneers of services or products can download and view.

tenderget.com provides tender information for Suppliers, Contractors, Auctioneers and Purchasers consists of: 1. Tender Advertising. 2. Tender Information. 3. E-mail Notification.

Tenderget.com is an information-based service system. It aims to facilitate the procurement and supply of services, consultancy, products or any other input requiring suppliers from the market to respond with prices, quotes, tenders and information.

Our system will automatically evaluate your criteria of requirement as per your priority of item in the Preference Form filled in by you during online registration. If you think you are not receiving tenders as per your requirement, our support team will assist you to settle the issue; you are requested to create a support request.

Yes, you can change your selection anytime online by editing your Preference Form from your Dash Board. tenderget.com system will be updated automatically

The user can use the link in the home page of this portal, to see all the tenders hosted on this portal. The site also provides facility to search for tenders.

go to the tender.com/register and process ahead, An email shall be sent in the registered email ID for the confirmation of registration. Click on the link and confirm your registration. (If you do not receive the email of confirmation, please thoroughly check the folders in your email; else, please make a query to our customer support.)

As register member, you are allowed to use trial version for 15 days today as a trial basis.

Tenderget.com Registration is free, but there is a subscription charge for the optimum benefit of our service. Subscription fees are based on the service requirement by the subscriber. for Subscribe and view the details of subscription fees, "Click here".

Yes, you can simply pay online. If you have a 'Khalti" app, you can you can choose IPS Connect, Visa Card, and online banking etc.

tenderget.com is a specialist solution provider which gives Suppliers and Purchasers the confidence of accessing one source which has a large and comprehensive user and information base. tenderget.com completely automates the information and serves the subscribers as per their requirements. "Click here" for User Benefits.

You can click on "Forgot Password" and the new password will be sent to you by mail, to the alternate email id mentioned in your profile.

After logging into your account, you will find to "Change Password" in your profile.

Password is encrypted at the database level. It is known only to you. Even the System Administrator does not know your password. As a part of the security policy, we advise you to change the password in regular Intervals.

Yes, you can download notice.

We source the Tender Notices from all the major national daily newspapers around the country, online websites and also by direct contact with the Tender callers.